Farm Activities

The tranquility that reigns within the Quinta da Gafaria calls for moments of relax, away from the city bustle, an inspiring relaxation rural environment.

Farm Activities

The first building records of the main farmhouse of the farm date from the early eighteenth century, but it is certain that agriculture, which still remains the main purpose of the farm, developed at this point since very ancient origins.

Subsequently, the property came to prominence, as others in the area, as an important center for agricultural and livestock production, use that holds to this day.

The farm has a ring with a total area of ​​35x100m fiber floor and wax specially designed for the practice of show jumping, a guide field, and several paddocks, six boxes in indoor area.

The farm also provides free access to mountain biking, as well as multiple possibilities for walks along the wide surrounding the flatlands and the banks of the Tagus River.

In addition to the sports-oriented activities, Quinta da Gafaria provides all visitors contact with regular agriculture and livestock, particularly with regard to the creation and management of sheep, goats and cattle.


CANOEING ON THE RIVER from € 25 per person


Pony (children to 9 years old) 15 min 10 euros
Classes (average level) closed arena Aprox./ 40 min 65 euros


Relaxation massage


Relaxing full body massage that restores the balance of body and mind. Massage made with essential oils that promotes improved blood circulation and relieves stress and fatigue.


Massage of hot candles


Massage done with melted candle wax applied still warm on the body providing relaxation and stress reduction. Massage done with gentle and delicate movements in order to establish emotional stability and relief from tension and stress.


Tired legs massage


Massage that develops essentially in the area of the legs stimulating the blood circulation and relieving the sensation of "weight" of the feet and legs, giving a revitalizing sensation and of lightness.


Back and neck massage


Massage located only on the back and neck, indicated for muscle relaxation and muscular tensions in the back, shoulders and neck areas.